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English Book version – NLP voor Ouders

English Book version

Effective Communication for Parents and Child Carers
Based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Marianne Langemeijer April 2018


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Practical workbook with 30 tools!

  • Read the information
  • Do the excercises
  • Apply the techniques
  • Experience the effect!

Create harmony & mutual understanding by utilising NLP communication techniques



“After reading this book, it is impossible not to know what you know; you will just live it. ☺”


Parenting and communication with children can seem so easy one moment and so challenging the next. Why is that? And why is your well-meant comment sometimes received completely different than you intended it? How can you address your child’s behaviour and effect change in a respectful efficient way?

These and many other questions are addressed in this practical workbook by providing you insight into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) communication techniques. NLP consists of models and methods to influence behaviour and change through the use of language and other types of communication. For example, the content of a message can be accurate, but if your message is not conveyed using the right style, your child may not respond the way you anticipated. The style of your message should be aligned with the situation and receiver.

Authors Marianne Langemeijer and daughter Julia Sørensen selected 30 efficient NLP tools and provided useful examples on how these can be tailored towards communication with children. With over 40 exercises the workbook also provides a hands-on and practical way to experience the tools and their effects in real-life.

Adopting and integrating the NLP tools into your daily communication supports the creation of harmony and mutual understanding when interacting with children.


“Grant yourself the knowledge and the adventure to experience more freedom in your thinking, actions and communication style.”


About the Authors

Since 1992 I have successfully trained many parents in groups and individually in my practice as a holistic parenting counsellor. In my practice I also make use of a deep transforming method: ‘Indi-vidual family constellation work’. With this methodology parents can explore their triggers and how they play a part in the connection between their children and/or partner. Often these triggers originate from (severe) situations that happened within the family or in previous generations. I refer to this methodology in this workbook on a few occasions. For more information you can read my book: ‘How parents and children connect’.
After my education to become an NLP Master and Counsellor, I naturally started using the insights I had gained from NLP in our own family (Julia 1983, Nienke 1984). I realised that by using the NLP techniques while communicating parenting challenges became a lot simpler!
Developing this workbook together with my daughter Julia was a logical step to make the infor-mation available to more parents. You can complete the exercises with your partner at home and in your own time. No babysitter needed. You can then directly apply the knowledge in your family and experience the results straight away.


I truly believe it to be a privilege, having been raised in a warm and loving family. As a child I obviously never knew about the background of the communication style used in our family, it was just natural. We had a very open and honest environment in which we could develop and express our-selves. Now, about 30 years later, I realise the impact on me as a person and how I, in turn, am able to use NLP to my benefit in my own family (Nora 2011, Liv 2013). Being educated as marketing communication professional and working as marketing consultant I know very well how important it is to be able to effectively communicate. I have successfully applied knowledge of the NLP field in my daily work realising its effectiveness. We are professionals when it comes to work and are open to educate ourselves to advance in our careers. Why not take a step back and review how you communicate and can gain knowledge in this field when it comes to raising our children? Of course, the setting is completely different. However, making an effort to ensure you communicate to the best of your ability to create a positive and respectful communication environment for your children to be acknowledged through for who they are, to me is very valuable. Every parent has
their own parenting style and regardless of the challenges you face or the norms and values you want to convey in your family, NLP communication techniques can help you along the way.
For the purpose of this practical workbook we selected, from the wide field of NLP, what we feel are the most important and most practical tools to use as parents. NLP has been documented extensively so should you want to obtain more knowledge, there is a lot of professional literature available.
Enjoy reading and going through the exercises! We wish you a relaxed parenting style and mostly lots of joy in your family using elements of this work.